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icons_0012_creativeexpression_50Art & Social Change: Create an innovative arts project that meaningfully engages with issues of advocacy, justice, and empowerment.

icons_ConnectedCommunities_50Connected Communities: Design a novel solution that leverages technology to engage and enhance the well-being of campuses, communities, and cities.

icons_0010_cleanenergy_50Energy & Resources: Propose a solution to spur the adoption of energy and resource alternatives that are sustainable and have potential for broad impact.

icons_0018_foodsystemsinnovation_50Food SystemsAddress a major issue confronting global food systems and develop a solution that promotes food security, sustainability, access, waste, and nutrition.

icons_0013_globalhealth_50_REDGlobal Health: Develop an action-oriented, interdisciplinary project that would alleviate a global health concern among low-resource communities.

icon_H4GHardware for Good: Build a hardware technology, or leverage an existing product in a novel way, that is both socially and environmentally responsible.

icons_Workforce_50Workforce Education & Development: Identify a workforce solution that prepares individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure employment and advance their careers.

icons_0019_scalingup_50Scaling Up Big Ideas: For previous Big Ideas award winners who have advanced their ideas, and want to take their projects to the next level.