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Social Impact Tracks

Big Ideas encourages students to propose innovative solutions across a broad range of social impact tracks. Based on the scope of the project, teams will indicate a primary track that best fits their project. If applicable, teams may select additional (secondary) tracks. 

icons_Workforce_50Workforce Development: Identify a workforce solution that prepares individuals with the knowledge and skills required to secure employment and advance their careers.

icons_0013_globalhealth_50_REDGlobal Health: Develop an action-oriented, interdisciplinary project that would alleviate a global health concern among low-resource communities.

Food & Agriculture Envision a solution to improve our agricultural and food systems by enhancing food security, agricultural sustainability, food access and nutrition. 

Financial Inclusion: Create novel products, services, tools or mechanisms that either address unmet needs of the financially underserved.

icons_0010_cleanenergy_50Energy & Resources: Propose a solution to spur the adoption of energy and resource alternatives that are sustainable and have potential for broad impact.

Education & Literacy: Develop a technology, program or policy to promote inclusive and equitable education, improve literacy, or enhance lifelong learning opportunities.

icons_ConnectedCommunities_50Cities & Communities: Design a novel solution that leverages technology to engage and enhance the well-being of campuses, communities, and cities.

icons_0012_creativeexpression_50Art & Social Change: Create an innovative arts project that meaningfully engages with issues of advocacy, justice, and empowerment.