Teach for Health (UC San Francisco)

Team Members: Noah Hawthorne, Katherine Pope, Kris Coontz, Harinder Chalal, Chris Stewart, Devina Kuo, Matthew Ingram and Miguel Orozco

School: UC San Francisco

Teach for Health

Teach for Health is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by UCSF students of medicine, nursing, and pharmacy, and a Berkeley MPH graduate. Teach for Health’s (TFH) mission is to train communities in program planning and leadership to improve health and well-being. Currently, Teach for Health in Nicaragua has 43 health promoters in 18 communities educating residents about health-related issues and working to expand healthcare in these communities. Funding will allow Teach for Health to evaluate, improve and expand on the work it has been doing in Nicaragua. Teach for Health will develop measures to evaluate the impact that it has had on the communities in which the program is active. This will allow Teach for Health to improve its services and its approach as it continues to expand its program. Teach for Health also plans to expand on its current offerings by partnering with several local institutions to develop a disaster response plan for participating communities.