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What’s Your Big Idea?

Do you have an early-stage, social-impact driven idea? Are you a student looking for the support and resources necessary to solve important issues that matter to your generation?

Environmentally Responsible Inventing

In Fall 2018, with support from The Lemelson Foundation, the Big Ideas Contest introduced a pilot “Environmental Responsibility Program” which offered a curriculum on sustainable design approaches.

Echolocation Technology that Empowers the Blind

Darryl Diptee used to think of himself as a “closet innovator.”
During his time as an officer for the U.S. Navy, Diptee remembers being told to “color inside the lines and innovate on your own time.”

How One Big Idea Led to an Innovative Co-working Solution

Rohaut wondered if there might be an opportunity to transform underutilized residencies like her apartment during the day into productive spaces for freelancers — to create a kind of “Airbnb for coworking spaces.” That spark led to Codi, an online platform