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Black Girls Dreaming

Black Girls Dreaming is a multimodal sensory art installation that epitomizes the value of art for social change. The installation brings to life the multiple


Every year, millions of people suffer brain injuries, yet diagnosis and treatment guidance is limited by traditional healthcare options. Confidence aims to improve the experience

The NFT Inclusion Project

NFTs use blockchain to prove the originality of any online content, and thus have the potential to revolutionize how we make and invest money online.


Over the past 20 years, vaccinations have prevented over 2 million deaths. This triumph, however, has not been a panacea. Today, 1 million children in

Carbon Pricing DAO’s

We need to set a robust way to price carbon dioxide to allow markets to price in the cost of climate change. The most accepted


Imagine graduating from college and having to wait three to five years before getting a stable job — this is the story of many young

Big Ideas Grand Prize Pitch Day & Awards Celebration

Big Ideas Grand Prize Pitch Day