Workshops & Events

Information on this page will be frequently updated, so keep checking back for additional details on these events and more. Many Big Ideas events and workshops will be live-streamed from this webpage. Recordings will be made available immediately following each live-stream (see “Past Events” section below).

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Upcoming Events

Innovation for Social Impact & Security

November 3, 12:00pm-1:00pm PT | via ZOOM

Organized in collaboration with the National Security Innovation Network

The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) is sponsoring a specialty prize in the Big Ideas Contest this year. The prize will be awarded to the team that is able to showcase how their innovation will promote positive change within their selected Big Ideas social impact tract, while also enhancing the security of the nation. To address the broad range of national security issues, NSIN and Big Ideas are hosting an information session to discuss how this specialty award ties into the Big Ideas social impact tracts. During this session, we will: 1.) Discuss different national security missions to include Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Response, Pandemic Response, Building Partner Capacity, and Election Security; 2.) Answer any questions that teams may have; 3.) Share ideas and prepare for next steps with Big Ideas. RSVP HERE (Required)

Writing Workshop & Storytelling for Innovation Session

November 5, 5:00pm-7:00pm PT | via ZOOM

With Peter Bittner, Global Storyteller

Receive guidance and feedback on how to effectively craft your Big Ideas pre-proposal. Big Ideas advisors will walk you through every element that is required in your 3-page pre-proposal submission. There will be an added emphasis on storytelling and how to craft an effective narrative for your Big Ideas pre-proposal. Led by Petter Bittner — a global storyteller passionate to make a difference through writing, photography, videography, and emerging media — this session will discuss how to distill the complex set of concepts, actors, and outcomes that underlie your Big Idea into a concise and compelling narrative. RSVP HERE (Required)

Industry Advising Clinic

November 9, 4:00pm-7:00pm PT | B100 Blum Hall

Meet one-on-one with expert advisors from the Big Ideas network to discuss your innovative ideas. The experts bring robust technical expertise and will share constructive feedback based on their years of experience advising and coaching startups. The list of experts will be shared in advance and students can sign up for 45 minute advising appointments. This session fills up fast, so look out for an announcement on November 2. 

Pre-Proposal Editing Blitz

November 16 - November 19, All Day

With only a few days left before the final round deadline (March 13th), come and receive last minute advice and help with your pre-proposal. Take advantage of this final opportunity to meet with the Big Ideas staff to fine-tune your full proposal and/or application video.

2020-2021 Past Events & Recording

Writing Workshop & Market Landscape Analysis Session

Inspiration & Information Session: With Ryan Barr, COO, RePurpose Energy

2020 Big Ideas Grand Prize Pitch Day

Inspiration & Information Session: With Christelle Rohaut, Cofounder & CEO, Codi

Circular Economy and Sustainable Design Workshop