The production and distribution of food intersect with some of the most critical issues of our time: pervasive hunger and malnutrition as well as obesity, environmental degradation resulting from agricultural activities, labor injustices, and extreme inequities in the distribution of farmland and food access. Many initiatives and efforts have emerged in recent years, as attempts to address these persistent food-related problems, from local to global levels. Yet, challenges persist– and have escalated in some areas– often due to political and economic causes. Achieving food security, justice, health, and sustainability in food systems, and equitable access to nutritious food, requires significant changes, ideas, and problem-solving by people and organizations in a wide variety of disciplines.

The Challenge

The challenge for this track is to encourage the development of innovative solutions or approaches that address complex challenges in food systems and agricultural development. Proposals submitted to this track may focus on areas such as enhancing agricultural production, increasing food security, promoting sustainable farming practices, and/or creating equitable access to nutritious food. Proposals may be aimed at campus-based programs, local/domestic issues, or international efforts.

Examples of proposals include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • A public health prevention initiative that aims to improve children’s nutrition and health outcomes or address issues of hunger and/or obesity.
  • A technology or innovation that greatly reduces agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions and promotes sustainable agricultural practices.
  • A public awareness campaign that highlights labor issues in food systems and aims to improve working conditions for farmworkers.
  • A project that aims to improve storage methods to reduce food loss and food waste for small-scale farmers in the developing world.

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The “Food & Agriculture” track is open to all matriculated students across the 10-campus University of California system, as well all matriculated students from Makerere University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Multidisciplinary teams are strongly encouraged.   For additional information about general contest rules, timing and how to apply, please refer to the Contest Application Requirements.

Past Winners

Bahay Kubo - Gardens of Living Tradition (UC Berkeley)

Bahay Kubo – Gardens of Living Tradition (UC Berkeley)

Low Cost Scientific Data Drones for Enhanced Melon Productivity and Security (UC Merced)

Low Cost Scientific Data Drones for Enhanced Melon Productivity and Security (UC Merced)

Mulungwishi Fertilizer App (Texas A&M University)

Mulungwishi Fertilizer App (Texas A&M University)

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