What is the Pre-Proposal Judging Criteria?

1. Innovation (40%):
The project presents a truly novel, innovative, or creative solution to the problem. Big Ideas defines “novel, innovative, or creative” as those solutions that a) propose a new idea, method, invention, or product, b) create a better or more effective product, process, service, technology, or idea, or c) improve upon or tailor an existing innovation to a new context.

2. Social Impact (30%)
The proposed project addresses an important social challenge. The team provides the reviewer with sufficient statistics and research to understand the problem and makes a clear and compelling case that their project addresses this need.

3. Long Term Viability (20%)
The proposal includes team members’ expertise and skillsets and compelling evidence of the ability to implement the proposal. The team has identified implementation challenges and provided an initial strategy for addressing barriers. The team has thought through the partnerships and resources necessary to achieve its goals and objectives. (Note: Teams are required to consider implementation for only the first year of their projects.)

4. Proposal Quality (10%)
The team has put thought and effort into creating a professional, persuasive, and well-organized proposal that effectively communicates an innovative and potentially transformative “big idea.” The overall quality of the proposal is high and convinces readers that the project is worth funding.