Carbon Pricing DAO’s

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Carbon Pricing DOA at Grand Prize Pitch Day

We need to set a robust way to price carbon dioxide to allow markets to price in the cost of climate change. The most accepted method to price carbon employs complex models that are owned and run by scientists and policymakers in silos. Organizations, citizens and stakeholders don’t have access to them, and these models static data. Carbon pricing DAO’s plans to solve this issue by enabling open access to these models by cloud-hosting them, and providing APIs for web2 and web3 access. Additionally, Carbon Pricing DAOs will also build realtime climate oracles, that will assess the earth state, verify them and cryptographically sign this crucial data to these models, so that they’re up-to-date. Futhermore, it will develop a DAO creation tool that allows any organization to setup their own model, and achieve consensus on price-setting through this DAO. In conclusion, by allowing organizations to accurately set carbon Pricing for themselves, we will enable CO2 to be treated as a precious asset in the climate crisis.