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PINVoice is a communication platform that tackles the problem of wage arrears experienced by construction workers in China with an Interactive Voice Response system. By acting as a virtual intermediary between labor supplier subcontractors and construction workers, PINVoice allows labor supplier subcontractors to reach a much wider range of workers beyond current geographic constraints, and allows workers to connect with many more labor supplier subcontractors. The platform allows workers to diversify their employment options and not be limited to labor supplier subcontractors serving large contractors; through the platform, workers will also have access to small construction or renovation jobs with higher and more timely pay. Also, as a proxy though not a substitute for a written labor contract, the system will allow workers and subcontractors to use the IVR system to record a verbal agreement about terms of employment, which PINVoice will store on the platform for later review should disagreements about salary terms occur.