Thrive Education

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Thrive is reinventing the evaluation process for Learning Differences (LDs) to unlock the incredible potential of students with LDs. Thrive provides comprehensive video evaluations for LDs, using Masters/PhD level psychology students to complete the bulk of the work (roughly 4 hours per test between the test administration and 15-page report write up), while limiting the very expensive post-PhD psychologists’ time to roughly 30 minutes of ‘interpreting’ the results. This reorganization of the testing-supply chain, enabled by the tests being administered via video-conferencing, allows for huge cost savings and dramatically increases access. Additionally, Thrive is implementing machine learning on top of the evaluation data extracted from videos to enable higher-accuracy evaluations than any current method. This technology will drastically drive down both the cost of evaluations and the misdiagnosis rate and will reveal an unprecedented level of insight into LDs.