Open Data for Development


As a field, environmental science has not yet had the impact it needs to have on the general public, mostly due to limited amount of

Visualizing the Invisible

This project seeks to develop an experiential learning tool that allows users to personally feel what it is like to be censored. The site would

Impact Evaluation Made Easy and Affordable

Impact evaluation is increasingly being used to determine the effectiveness and success of development interventions. This project develops an impact evaluation software kit that allows

Sight 4 Everyone (e-Liiso)

Doctors and optometrists using e-liiso will be able to check patients’ abilities by just taking a flash picture from a phone camera to see color,

Open Data for Developing Communities

The project’s goal is to create a collaborative platform to promote open data literacy. This platform will provide a curriculum that is focused on making

Mapping Waterways

Mapping Waterways will create a participatory mapping system that involves all aspects of the mapping process: from data collection, to map input, to visualization and


This project aims to increase interest in the current state of data collection practices and privacy concerns by demonstrating greater salience of the types of