Bare Abundance

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Big Ideas Award Celebration, May 2012Photo Credit: Blum Center

Studies demonstrate a strong correlation between overall scarcity of nutritious food in low-income communities and high obesity rates and other health-related problems. BareAbundance strives to reduce the amount of waste generated from excess food by utilizing this excess in nourishment for the marginalized children in West Oakland. The team aims to combat this marginalization by creating an educational environment and stable local food community to foster healthy minds and bodies. By involving Cal students, the team plans to enable communities with poor access to nutritious food to get involved by supporting existing food distribution programs and educating children in these communities about food and nutrition. Cal students will teach a nutrition-education class series to West Oakland youth. Students from a wide range of disciplines will learn about, discuss, critique, and participate in the local food justice movement. The course provides the foundation that will review the BareAbundance curriculum, teaching strategies, program evaluation tools, and youth engagement.