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Solanga builds solar powered community centers, or Solanga Hubs, in areas that lack electricity. The Hubs provide people valuable services at affordable prices – such as cell phone charging stations, computers, televisions, well-lit study or social gathering spaces in the evening and electric water pumps. These services are sold on a per-use basis. The Hubs are 3rd party financed. Solanga’s business model lowers the cost of critical services to individuals by scaling and centralizing the energy system for the community at large. Social centers where people exchange goods, services and ideas are of utmost importance but are harder to create in the developing world due to the absence of well-lit spaces. Solanga Hubs solves this problem and also reduces CO2 emissions by minimizing the need for dirty kerosene lanterns and diesel generators. Solanga is the WeWork + Internet Cafe + library of the developing world.