Information on this page will be frequently updated, so keep checking back for additional details on these events and more. Many Big Ideas events and workshops will be live-streamed from this webpage. Recordings will be made available immediately following each live-stream (see “Past Events” section below).
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Upcoming Events

Past Events

Pre-proposal Writing Workshop

(November 7, 6:00pm PT | B100 Blum Hall) 

Industry Advising Clinic

(November 13 | 4 pm PT| B100 Blum Hall)

Circular Economy and Sustainable Design Workshop

(October 29 | 5:00pm PT | B100 Blum Hall)
Featuring: Rachel Dzombak, Circular Economy Researcher
What’s the environmental impact of your Big Idea and how do you know? How can you plan for sustainability from the start? In this workshop, you’ll learn about the circular economy and how to design products and services in a way that promotes sustainability and minimizes waste. You will also learn how to examine the potential environmental impacts of a product or service and hear about how companies today are addressing sustainability issues.

Pre-proposal Writing Workshop: Landscape Analysis 

(October 23, 6:00pm PT  | B100 Blum Hall) 

Big Ideas Information Session

Featuring: Darryl Diptee (2019 winner for Sonic Eyewear Project)

Big Ideas Kick-Off: Information Session

Featuring: Matt Turlock (2019 winner for Kaloum Bankhi)

Pre-proposal Writing Workshop: Storytelling for Innovation

This workshop had added emphasis on storytelling and how to craft an effective narrative for the Big Ideas pre-proposal, led by Scott Shigeoka, an expert in storytelling and the Community & Design Lead at OpenIDEO.