Information on this page will be frequently updated, so keep checking back for additional details on these events and more. Many Big Ideas events and workshops will be live-streamed from this webpage. Recordings will be made available immediately following each live-stream (see “Past Events” section below).
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Upcoming Events

Pre-proposal Writing Workshop: Landscape Analysis 

(October 23, 6:00pm PT  | B100 Blum Hall) Come and receive guidance and feedback on how to effectively craft your Big Ideas pre-proposal. Big Ideas advisors will walk you through every element that is required in your 3-page pre-proposal application and any answer questions. The workshop will highlight the Landscape Analysis section of the pre-proposal, which is often cited as an area for improvement by Big Ideas judges. Attendees will learn strategies and tips for conducting their market assessments and landscape analyses, with guidance from the Big Ideas advisors who know best practices and common pitfalls to avoid. RSVP requested.

UCSB Big Ideas Information Session

(October 23, 6pm PT | Girvetz Hall, Room 2320 | UCSB)
Meet your UCSB Innovation Ambassadors, Catherine Scanlon and Will Howard, and learn how you can get started on your Big Idea!

UCSC Big Ideas Information Session

(October 24, 3:15pm PT | Humanities Building 1, Room 202| UCSC)
Meet up with other aspiring student innovators at UCSC to learn more about the UC systemwide Big Ideas Contest, and connect with your campus Innovation Ambassadors, Aaron Huang and Zeal Panchal.

UC Irvine Big Ideas Information Session

(October 24, 5:30pm PT | Merage School Of Business, SB1, Room 2300 | UC Irvine)
The UC Irvine Big Ideas Contest is underway! Meet your UC Irvine Innovation Ambassadors, Heba Eltoukhy and Karishma Kumar, and find out how to launch your early-stage social venture!

UC Merced Big Ideas Information Session

(October 25, 3:15pm PT | COB2 110| UC Merced)
UC Merced Innovation Ambassadors Haoyu Niu and Arjun Kohli will host the first information session of the year to help student innovators at UC Merced get started on their Big Ideas.

Circular Economy and Sustainable Design Workshop

(October 29 | 5:00pm PT | B100 Blum Hall)
Featuring: Rachel Dzombak, Circular Economy Researcher
What’s the environmental impact of your Big Idea and how do you know? How can you plan for sustainability from the start? In this workshop, you’ll learn about the circular economy and how to design products and services in a way that promotes sustainability and minimizes waste. You will also learn how to examine the potential environmental impacts of a product or service and hear about how companies today are addressing sustainability issues. RSVP required

Innovators@Cal: Inspiration, pitches, networking, team-building, & more!

Featuring: Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Vélez from Back to the Roots
(November 5, 6:00pm PT | Banatao Auditorium & B100 Blum Hall)
Innovators@Cal is an annual event that spotlights the entrepreneurship resources available across the UC Berkeley campus for aspiring innovators. Students have the opportunity to pitch their ideas, recruit team members, and network with others in the innovation space. Keynote speakers will be Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Vélez, founders of Back to the Roots, former Big Ideas winner and UC Berkeley founded enterprise, now a Bay Area food company with a mission to bring better food and garden options to all Americans, starting from the ground up.
(Food & refreshments will be provided) Eventbrite RSVP Required!

Pre-proposal Writing Workshop: Storytelling for Innovation 

(November 7, 6:00pm PT | B100 Blum Hall) 
Receive guidance and feedback on how to effectively craft your Big Ideas pre-proposal. Big Ideas advisors will walk you through every element that is required in your 3-page pre-proposal submission and any answer questions you have. This workshop will have an added emphasis on storytelling and how to craft an effective narrative for the Big Ideas pre-proposal.The workshop will be led by a special guest and an expert in storytelling. The Big Ideas staff will share strategies on how to balance data and statistics with personal stories and user insights to make your pre-proposal stand out to the judges.

Industry Advising Clinic

(November 13 | 4 pm PT| B100 Blum Hall)
Come meet one on one with expert advisors from the Big Ideas network to discuss your innovative ideas and critical guidance and constructive feedback. These experts bring years of experience advising and coaching startups along with robust technical expertise. The list of experts will be shared in advance and students can sign up for 30-minute advising appointments. This session fills up fast, so look out for an announcement in the Big Ideas Newsletter in October. RSVP required (registration begins October 4.)

Pre-proposal Editing Blitz

(November 18 & 19 | All Day | 120 Blum Hall & Online) 
With only a few days left before the pre-proposal deadline (Nov. 20th), receive last-minute advice and help with your pre-proposal. Take advantage of this final opportunity to fine-tune your pre-proposal and receive last-minute feedback by signing up for an advising appointment with a member of the Big Ideas staff. Online advising available for remote teams.

Pre-proposal Deadline

(November 20 | Due 12 pm PT | Online submission)
Deadline to submit your pre-proposal! To submit your team’s pre-proposal click here. Please allow at least 20 minutes to complete the entire process. Late submissions will not be accepted, so make sure to contact us beforehand if you have any issues or questions.

Past Events

Big Ideas Information Session

Featuring: Darryl Diptee (2019 winner for Sonic Eyewear Project)

Big Ideas Kick-Off: Information Session

Featuring: Matt Turlock (2019 winner for Kaloum Bankhi)