The Sustainable Future

This video invites viewers to imagine a more sustainable future and shows us how we can apply the 12 principles of green chemistry to live

A Novel Recycling of Used Cooking Oil

This project proposes that UC Berkeley generate its own biodiesel using the 500 gallons of used cooking oil generated weekly by Crossroads Dining Commons, Foothill

Waste Into Fuel

“Waste Into Fuel” is a plan that will allow the Berkeley campus to harness the energy potential of the waste cooking oil that it currently


Energy efficiency represents a vast, low-cost energy resource—but it can only be unlocked with an innovative and comprehensive market based approach. There is growing demand

Monte Verde Solar

On Calle de Monte Verde in Nicaragua, poor farmers with no daily earning, depend directly on agriculture for their livelihoods and survival. Water is raised

INSTAR (INertial STorage And Recovery)

Today’s hybrid and plug-in electric automobiles are able to recover some of the energy normally lost to friction during braking. Even in today’s cutting-edge vehicles,

DC Microgrids for Developing Regions

Like rural areas in many developing countries, India’s rural regions lack reliable electricity. Energy needs are often met by kerosene or highly inefficient power generators.