Over the course of the Big Ideas Contest year, students have the opportunity to take advantage of a diverse array of resources to help them develop their ideas and build-out their social ventures.

Full Proposal Writing Tips

Full Proposal Writing Tips

Full Proposal Examples

Click the links below to download examples of past exemplary full proposals.

Pre-proposal Full Proposal Example 1 Pre-proposal - Full Proposal Example 2 Pre-proposal - Full Proposal Example 3

Budget Template

Budget Template

Events: Throughout the Final Round, the Big Ideas contest hosts numerous events. These events are designed to support student innovators and their projects by helping them to: 1. Learn critical entrepreneurial skills; 2. Develop their networks and build teams; 3. Provide opportunities for ongoing advice and mentorship; 4. Gain recognition for their innovative ideas, and; 4. Connect them to future funding and partnership opportunities.

Big Ideas Advising: Throughout the year, the Big Ideas teams hold frequent office hours to provide students innovators with guidance and advice on their projects. Interested students can sign up for in-person advising or (remote) Skype appointments.

Practitioners in Residence Program: The Big Ideas Practitioners in Residence Program connects on-campus innovators and social entrepreneurs with a wide range of experts from Industry, non-profits, government, and social enterprises. Sign-up for 30-minute one-on-one consulting and mentorship conversations with a range of outside entrepreneurs and other practitioners working on projects for social good.

Social Innovator OnRamp: The OnRamp provides hundreds of high quality resources that can turn your Big Ideas into the next big thing (and into big social impact): funding opportunities, startup incubator programs, training programs, and much more.

Social Innovator On Ramp Course: The OnRamp course is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate student social entrepreneurs and changemakers to receive support as they design and implement their own social change projects and social startups.

IdeaLabs: IdeaLabs are multidisciplinary collaborations between UC Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students working on developing a common application, product, or service. Big Ideas is interested in supporting like-minded groups in a wide range of areas, including groups that might bring together students in science, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and more.