“FinTech for Social Good” Special Recognition Award


Are you curious about how novel applications of FinTech might have the capacity to improve lives all over the world by creating social impact in areas relating to financial inclusion, health, education, supply chain management, insurance, sustainable finance, and philanthropy?

The Lab for Inclusive FinTech (LIFT)“FinTech for Social Good” Initiative in partnership with the Big Ideas Contest has a special funding opportunity for students working on FinTech-empowered ideas to advance social change. Students working on innovations to unlock the potential of digital financial technologies, especially those focused on providing access to underserved populations, are eligible to receive a “Special Recognition Award” of up to $5K, in addition to what they might win from Big Ideas.

Eligibility & Program Details

UC Berkeley students interested in applying for this award must submit an application to the Big Ideas Contest by December 6, 2023, 1pm PT. Information about eligibility, rules and how to apply to the Big Ideas Contest can be found on the Rules & Requirements webpage.

Applicants should indicate on the application webform that they would like to be considered for the LIFT “FinTech For Social Good” Special Recognition Award.  Some applicants will be immediately selected to receive (up to $1K) to facilitate progress on their final proposal. Upon submission of their final proposal, they will be eligible for financial awards (up to $5K) through both the Big Ideas Contest as well as through LIFT’s “FinTech for Social Good” program.

Project team-lead must be a currently matriculated UC Berkeley student (graduate or undergraduate level.) Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply!