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A Technology for Military and Civilian Trauma Care

An injured soldier is rushed to a field hospital and is bleeding out. A surgeon needs to give the soldier meds to speed up her clotting. But too much or too little will kill her. The doctors rely on lab equipment to determine dosage; however, the large machine was never

Meet the 2018 Big Ideas Award Winners!

This year’s Rudd Family Foundation Big Ideas Contest launched in September 2017. In November, the Contest received over 300 pre-proposal applications, representing over 1,000 students

Big Ideas Abroad

In February 2018, Big Ideas Contest Director, Phillip Denny, traveled to Kampala, Uganda to explore opportunities for Big Ideas expansion in Africa, in partnership with Makerere University. Makerere—one of Africa’s leading institutions of higher education—has been a key partner of Big Ideas since

Big Ideas Finalists Announced!

On November 15, 2017, the Big Ideas Contest received more than 300 proposals, representing approximately 900 aspiring innovators, across 11 universities. A pool of nearly

Big Ideas Deadline is Coming Up!

Big Ideas is an early-stage, innovation contest that provides funding, support, and recognition to student teams who develop novel solutions to pressing social challenges. Teams selected for the final round will have access to skill-development workshops, advising sessions and industry mentors in order to refine their pre-proposals into 10 page “full proposals,” due in March 2018.